We go onto public or private property and locate whatever is buried in the ground within your scope of work.

We locate anything that is metallic with our state of the art locating equipment. This includes:

  • Electric Lines
  • Phone Lines
  • Cable TV
  • Fiber-Optic Lines

In addition, we can locate anything non-metallic that has a tracer wire.

We have developed methods and procedures to also locate what is generally thought to be “unlocatable.” This includes:

  • PVC water lines
  • Sanitary Lines
  • Storm Sewer Lines

We have extensive experience locating pipelines in easements crossing private property and at road crossings. We have many years of experience locating in oil fields and are often called on to locate old pipelines that no one knows about.

Depth Readings

We give our client the instrument depth readings. We usually write the depth on every other flag so you will have an idea of the approximate depth of each line we locate. This is a service greatly appreciated by our clients.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water.

We have 4 hydro excavation units. They are a great compliment to the service we provide. We consider them a part of our locating equipment. We are able to pot-hole a line so you can see exactly what it is, the size, and get the precise depth.

Surveyors can shoot in the exact depth by putting their instruments directly on the line. If you are trenching it’s great to be able to actually see anything that will be in conflict with your excavation. We bought them to use locating fiberglass, and transite pipelines in oil fields, but they are also great for locating water lines.

Our trailer-mounted vacuum excavators are designed for an extensive range of cleanup and soft excavation tasks. They are engineered from the ground up as a trailer vac system, ensuring superior functionality. And because operator safety and efficiency are the main priorities when building our vacs, they are designed with all controls, accessible from a curbside operator’s station.

  • Utility/Water/Sewage Lines
  • Utility Boxes/Vaults
  • Storm Drains
  • Meter Boxes
  • Manholes

Mission Statement

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